Clothing Swap

If you have never been to a clothing swap before, I would urge you to go, or even host one yourself. Never heard of a clothing swap? It's brilliant. Gather some of your girlfriends, roughly 5-10 and have them collect clean, gently worn clothing and accessories and bag em up. Get everyone to bring the items and lay them out according to size. Grab a box-o-wine and you are good to go! It's a great way to get of items you no longer want and grab some stuff that you will actually wear. Anything left over can be donated to a local thrift store or women's shelter. It's a really fun time with your friends that costs you little more than some wine and time.

My friend Lisa from the Style Divine hosted on recently and it was a blast. She found a beautiful artist loft on and charged everyone $20 to attend. The fee included the space, champagne and some light appies. It was a fabulous opportunity to meet some new friends and add some unique items to my closet. I loved to hear the ladies sequel with joy when they picked up one of my donated items and fell in love with it. A clothing swap is a true win-win for everyone!

Clothing Swap                      Clothing Swap                    Clothing Swap      

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