For all US orders the deadline for Christmas arrival is Dec 13th at midnight!
For all US orders the deadline for Christmas arrival is Dec 13th at midnight!
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Vancouver Fashion Week Fall/Winter Show 2017

Vancouver Fashion Week VFW2017

Being in the fashion world, I am a wee bit embarrassed to admit this, but until last week, I had never been to a “real” fashion show. Hellooo Gorgeous was invited to attend Vancouver Fashion Week and I jumped at the chance to attend. The high fashion scene is slightly intimidating to be honest. It seems to be a haughty, exclusive, close knit club.

Designer Lesley Hampton stole the show and altered my view of the whole event. Her show was sculpted around Adrianne Haslet, a professional ballroom dancer who lost her left leg below the knee during the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. Hampton's message was all about acceptance and being body positive. I was a little shocked and very grateful to see that this message of love, inclusion and acceptance has found a place in the high fashion world. 








Click below to see Hampton being interviewed by CBC

During the break, my friend and I wandered into a little room off to the side where a few items were being sold. I fell in love with one particular piece from Kiln Ceramic Jewelry. This beautiful necklace looked more like a piece of art to me than an every day accessory. All of her creations are truly ONE OF A KIND, meaning she only creates a single piece per design. I knew I had to have this one piece and it instantly became a personal favorite. Here is the link to her site - take a look at how talented this creator is :-)




K ;-)

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