Want more sizes in stores? Start asking!

I have been a plus size girl most of my life. I have squeezed into larges and sometimes lucked out in finding the odd XL buried in the back of the rack. When I started Hellooo Gorgeous, I was so thrilled to get my first shipment and try on things that actually fit me. What a difference it makes to wear something that was actually made for me and my shape. It was so freeing to dress in something that did not make me feel uncomfortable.

I started Hellooo Gorgeous to bring plus size trends to the women that fashion has seemingly forgotten about. I have never understood why there are so few choices when it comes to buying plus size. The numbers are there - one stat said that roughly 30% of Canadian women wear a size 14 or higher and this was from way back in 2004. Why are designers and stores not servicing this market? I think it is because we, as plus size women, are afraid to ask or demand that we are seen in the fashion industry. Women who don't land in the size 2-12 range feel like they don't deserve nice clothing and that they should lose weight to wear the trends.

If we want more options we have to start asking. The next time you are in a shop that does not carry your size, ask them why. Tell them that if they did you would buy from them. Don't just slink out of the shop in shame - that is the worst thing to do. The truth is, no matter what size of body you have, you still have to dress it and you should not have to do so with stuff you don't like. So how do we fix this problem? Start asking your local shops to carry plus sizes. They may just listen :) Happy Shopping!

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